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The Brief

What a fun project! Devil is in the details, and boy – were there a ton! Fully custom WordPress site with WooCommerce integration. Content generation including brand identity.

As the largest portion of this project, we developed a custom Plant Problem Identifier to assist customers with troubleshooting plant issues. The Problem Identifier allows for single and multiple-symptom sorting and result filtration. Consideration for optimum SEO went into content generation with many articles registering over 2000 words per page. Each page contains an SEO optimized table of contents as well as multiple, carefully sourced, real-world photos (non-stock).

We also created functionality for the user to upload their own photos from the sidebar which get sent to one of the partners to assist customers with troubleshooting. 

We collected and edited about 3+ years worth of customer questions asked on social media, along with a pre-existing set of FAQs to create a Knowledge Base. As a user types in a question or keyword, relevant articles titles are displayed under the search bar to provide an efficient and positive user experience.

In addition to front-end design, a membership account area was created that provides easy and intuitive access for retailers and resellers of the company’s products. Tutorial videos were created to assist current and new users with site usability. We customized the checkout process to multiple-step, including the ability to create accounts for non-members. Purchase order and direct bank transfer were added to cart functionality, with customized transactional emails based being created for both.

Custom forms and all data entry points are integrated with Infusionsoft/Keap.


Trifecta Natural Solutions

Trifecta Natural Solutions

Trifecta Problem Identifier

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“The fear in searching for the right fit, when bringing a new group into our business, was overwhelming. How can they possibly identify or understand our business? NO ONE CAN COMPREHEND WHAT NEEDS DONE UNLESS THEY ARE IN OUR BUSINESS!! These are the thoughts I had while trying to select someone to help with our new website and keep things user friendly. I have been proven wrong. Debra and her team pulled the ideas from my mind and made them a reality. Dog Star has put together something better than I could have ever imagined. I believe the website will set a new “bar” in our industry and will be a beacon, for all other developers, to seek guidance from. It was not just ideas I needed. I needed to make this come together in a very short “off season” time frame. Dog Star separated the tasks that needed to be done, kept workloads organized, and showed us multiple ideas on how to achieve our look. Debra pushed me when I needed to be and took over workload when I did not have the time. Dog Star will always be part of OUR TEAM. Thank You Dog Star!!!!”

John Mussare, Partner – Trifecta natural solutions
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