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Dog Star (Sirius): The Brightest Star in Orion's Belt

Case Study

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The Brief

We were tasked with taking an existing business digital. Myopractors operate much like massage therapists from a scheduling and client management perspective. Finding an online scheduling and customer relationship management (CRM) system that would accommodate their needs was priority number one.

As this was the client’s first website as a business, it was important to deliver nothing less than perfection and a site they would love!

In addition, we created a Google Business listing and recruited the help of some of their loyal clients to help them get traction with reviews.

Myo Partners screenshots

"Going digital for the first time in our business was daunting..."

but with Dog Star, it turned into an awesome adventure we did not anticipate. Deb had both a cutting-edge knowledge base when I threw her a couple custom curveballs with respect to functionality, and a patient, guiding hand when there were so many things that we were not versed in. She is intuitive, precise, and discerning, with a true passion for helping you stand out above the rest. We were consistently impressed with how thorough and prompt she was – above and beyond. She consistently exceeded our expectations, raised ours in the process, and I cannot tell you how thrilled we are with our stunning success of a website and online scheduling system. Deb and her team went above and beyond for us with their resourcefulness, creativity, honesty and professionalism. From image, to website development and design, to consulting, CRM, hosting and marketing, Dog Star is that one-stop proficient shop you’ve been looking for. You’ll be both delighted and impressed!

Courtney and Jordon Berry

Courtney and Jordon Berry

Owners | Myo Partners LLC

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The Challenge

The market is FLOODED with CRMs and scheduling softwares these days. Finding an out-of-the box solution can be a challenge due to limitations and restrictions but after testing a few, Acuity Scheduling was the strongest contender.

It was one of the only softwares that allowed for the creation of a fully custom client intake form with consents. It also has all the functionality the client will need in the future such as accepting payments online and marketing capabilities.

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The Rewards

It has always been our mantra that we don’t like to settle for anything less than LOVE. I’m really not satisfied unless a client says “I LOVE my website!”

So, when this text came through, well, it’s one of those things that makes you feel warm and fuzzy. We’re so honored to be able to co-create, design, and build these accommodating digital “homes” for our clients and their businesses. ❤️

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Client Wins



With their new online scheduling system, Courtney and Jordon can place their attention on focus on growing the business and taking care of clients.


Happy Clients

Prior to having an online scheduling system, the client was managing requests via text and email. Yuck! Clients are thrilled to be able to book quickly and easily whenever they need to.


Ready to Grow

We have laid the foundation for Myopartners to be able to grow their business when they are ready. With a beautiful and functional website and CRM, they will be able to build/add to what is existing when the time is right for them.