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Dog Star (Sirius): The Brightest Star in Orion's Belt

Case Study

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The Brief

Jim Brown and Sons Roofing was Dog Star’s first client and are still our client to this day. This is version 3.0 of their website, with version 1.0 launching them to the top of the ranks for Phoenix roofing search terms, making organic search their #1 lead source.

Version 2.0 was voted one of the Top 6 Picks for Best Roofing Sites by Mad Mouse Creative!

“A proper blend of clean design and attention-grabbing animation, the JBS Roofing website uses a rotating header to highlight job site photos and company credentials. As a whole, the site pays due to design principles and attractive graphic choices. JBS includes an informative footer to allow easy scrolling and navigation. While a handful of sites above maintain blogs, this company makes their content stand out with a bold home page graphic.”

JBS Roofing screenshots

"Exceeds all other companies we have dealt with in the past..."

“I just wanted to let you know how happy all of us at Jim Brown & Sons Roofing Co Inc. are with the consulting and web design services you have provided for us. Your service from start to finish has been exemplary and on a professional, knowledgeable, yet friendly level that far exceeds all other companies we have dealt with in the past.”

Valorie Miller

Valorie Miller

VP | JBS Roofing

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The Challenge

With the latest release of JBS’s website, our objective was to enhance the user experience and design, while focusing on optimizing it for better conversion rates. We achieved this by implementing an automated ‘free estimate’ scheduling process through a funnel that enables users to schedule their appointments online. This involved integrating a third-party scheduling software (Calendly) and passing data via API into their CRM (Acculynx). To ensure duplicate records were not passed into the Acculynx, we utilized Google sheets and Zapier to cross reference email and phone number fields prior to pushing over data.

Furthermore, we personalized the navigation and user experience for both residential and commercial audiences by tailoring it to their specific needs. We achieved this by eliminating the contact page and instead, guiding users towards the funnel and scheduling system.

By implementing this streamlined process, we have simplified the user experience and increased the efficiency of JBS’s lead generation efforts.

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Decrease in CPL

Decreased the client’s Cost Per Lead by 80% compared to print advertising, reallocating budget for better ROI.


Increase in Domain Authority

Increased domain authority from a 28 to a 49.


Increase in organic leads

The client has experienced a steady 15% increase in organic leads year after year.