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Dog Star (Sirius): The Brightest Star in Orion's Belt

Case Study

Web Design and DevBranding

Exterior Concepts

The Brief

Evolution Exterior Concepts is a high-end custom pool and landscape company located in Arizona. Dog Star assisted the client in developing their brand identity and creating written content around it. A custom contact form was created to assist the office in prequalifying leads. Beautiful project photos made this a fun site to develop!

Evolution Exterior Concepts screenshots

"She was extremely punctual and listened to what we had to say..."

“Debra was very easy to work with and brought some really good ideas and interpretations of what we were looking for in our new website. She was extremely punctual and listened to what we had to say. She had a vast knowledge of current trends and what type of site we, as a company, wanted to create and project to our potential clients. I would recommended Debra and her team to anyone who is looking for a very complete website and some out-of-the-box ideas that can separate your site from the rest!”

Drew Nelson

Drew Nelson

Owner/Designer, EEC

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Animated Modules

A simple feature that adds a fun layer of interactivity with the site.

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Photo Galleries

We created multiple photo galleries, categorized by project type to ensure users are able to find examples of the project type they are interested in quickly and frustration-free. We also implemented lazy load to ensure we avoided page speed issues.

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Custom Contact Form

We customized their contact form to help with qualification and to help EEC determine the best designer to field the leads coming in. Simple and effective.

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Streamlined Requests

We streamlined the process for warranty requests by creating a custom form.



Props to EEC for having fun with their company branding and adding a touch of humor. So many companies keep it corporate and boring.


Online Portfolio

Jaw dropping photos will always convert users. Their portfolio is organized and easy to use for visitors.