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The Brief

This project entailed building the brand and site design from scratch as it was a new business endeavor for Dr. Meyer. The logo was designed based upon Dr. Meyer’s preference of the Merkaba, which is a tool and technique that facilitates humans to reach their full potential in any and all areas of their life. Dr. Meyer’s main goal in publishing his book is to help his readers achieve optimal health! This SSL secured site includes e-commerce with both shippable and downloadable digital products. There’s also membership functionality, member forums as well as InfusionSoft integration. Both Kindle and iBook versions of the book were also generated and published to Amazon and the Apple Bookstore.


Dr. Nicholas Meyer

The Holistic Dental Matrix

“I have had the pleasure of working with Debra for several years. She has been professional, insightful and decisive. She launched us into the 22nd century with her skillful knowledge of the inner workings of the web. I will continue to trust her ability and insight as I move forward with other business interests and endeavors.”

Dr. Nicholas Meyer, DDS,DNM
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