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Dog Star (Sirius): The Brightest Star in Orion's Belt

Case Study

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The Brief

Country Montessori is a private school in Massachusetts. Montessori teaching and learning methods are unique in that they focus on the holistic development of the child, encompassing their cognitive, emotional, social, and physical growth through personalized learning experiences and hands-on exploration. WE LOVE THIS!

The school and its digital assets were purchased several years ago by the current owner, Laura. Our goal was to breathe some life into the brand and create a fun design that would deliver in highlighting Montessori principles.

The client’s goals are to attract more students, organically, and increase elementary students, so we structured content and SEO on the site accordingly. We also digitized their 12-page enrollment forms to streamline the process for parents.

Country Montessori screenshots
Dogstar Web Solutions Logo

Stellar Evolution

Dogstar Web Solutions Logo

Sirius Streamline

We digitized a 12-page paper form to make the student enrollment process a breeze for parents. There is a “Save and Continue” feature, which adds another level of convenience should they get interrupted during the process.

Dogstar Web Solutions Logo

Makeover Magic

We helped coordinate a photo shoot to so we could have authentic photography for the site. The design feels FUN and in alignment with Montessori values.