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The Brief

This project was not our typical project. In fact, it was quite the opposite! Most companies are looking for “makeovers” and the flashy effects now achievable as HTML and CSS have advanced. The original website was standard HTML but the client wanted to convert it to a CMS (WordPress), keeping the same exact look and feel as the original HTML site. The site is extremely diverse with multiple different media types from pdfs to html pages and 2 hour long sermon videos to audio files. This was a custom project that involve creating custom post types for each media type as well as integrating the site with a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to enhance end user experience.

Improving video quality was also a portion of this project. We were able to teach the client a more effective process to achieve optimum quality for their videos.


“I had wanted to make substantial architectural changes to our corporate website for a long time but had delayed repeatedly because of worry about picking the right web designer. An associate who had worked with Debra Ferguson gave me some glowing feedback about work she and Dog Star had done for him, and that prompted me finally to take the plunge. Just as I had hoped, Debra and her team were extremely knowledgeable, sharp, and competent to diagnose and to make recommendations. They proved immediately to be “cutting edge” in grasp of current applications and solutions. The follow through was just as impressive, the pricing was very reasonable, and we received everything we had sought to achieve. It was great to have that kind of experience with such a major technical project, and I would not only recommend Dog Star to others, but will surely be using them again myself for future projects.”

Jon W Brisby, Pastor – Church of God Eternal
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