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Case Study

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Work Life

The Brief

Dog Star has had the pleasure of working with Balanced Worklife for the last decade. Upon initial meeting, we were contracted to perform SEO audits on 2 of their websites. We were then hired to redesign their main corporate site and import several hundred blog posts from a sister site.

Over the years, we have worked on numerous projects including creating budget-friendly, interactive course material, interactive assessments, and membership websites that included custom dashboards and online registrations courses and webinars created by the client. All were integrated with their CRM (Keap/Infusionsoft).

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"Add Dog Star Web to your team for peace of mind!"

When a small business has challenges it needs someone who is responsive, talented, and thoughtful in their approach – add in having a network to call on so you get a bigger team focused on your solution and you have Dog Star Web. Deb has been key to getting us through several situations and new product launches. Add Dog Star Web to your team for peace of mind!

Jim Dryburgh

Jim Dryburgh


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Interactive Assessments

The client specializes in training corporate executives and high level management for some major companies. Everyone from Google to Verizon. A vital part of training is helping company leaders to identify personality and work styles of their team members, which is facilitated by having them complete assessments that focus on different topics.

The person filling out the assessment uses a slider to indicate the statements they identify with the most. Upon completion and submission, the results will display instantly on a web page. In addition, a copy of your results are emailed to you in PDF format so you can keep a copy for future reference. We utilized Gravity Forms to create these assessments.

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Interactive Lessons

BWL regularly held workshops for clients. We created custom dashboards for each company team, in addition to custom course materials. The client was looking for low budget solution that would be able to deliver their content, but also allow them to keep track of who was completing their assignments.

We developed pages that would allow the user to enter in their responses, should there be questions asked during the course. In addition, once the user completed a lesson, they would confirm by entering in their name and email, which would get recorded to their Keap/Infusionsoft record, allowing the client to keep track of course participation.

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Before & After

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Client Wins



Many of the projects we worked on over the years helped the client to organize and streamline the user experience.