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Dog Star (Sirius): The Brightest Star in Orion's Belt

Case Study

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The Brief

This is ATD’s first website and the beginning of building their reputation online. In the welding industry, where many businesses still lack an online presence, it was imperative for Andrew’s website to create a distinct impact. Andrew, as a passionate profession and master of his craft, deserved a site that mirrored his expertise. We believe we’ve accomplished that with this website.



ATD Welding screenshots

"Working with Dog Star was easy!"

I supplied them with answers to any questions they had about my company and, before I knew it, I had a website. Dog Star’s staff is very friendly and willing to do what it takes to make the customer’s vision come true. Any and all concerns I had were addressed in a professional manner. I was highly impressed with how well Dog Star was able to articulate my company’s services and brand messaging. Thanks Dog Star!

Andrew Desjardin

Andrew Desjardin


Dogstar Web Solutions Logo

Stellar Starter Site

Andrew distinctly used the word “LOVE” to describe how he felt when he first saw the site. Dog Star doesn’t like settling for anything less! It was definitely a fun color palette to work with.