I'm excited & grateful you're here!

Debra Ferguson

Thank you so much for taking the time to explore our website. What can I tell you about myself? 

I have a rather extensive background in everything from marketing to small business management and my goal is to help your business develop a strong presence that will increase your revenue, on and/or off the web. For many of our clients, understanding their objectives helps Dog Star Web to serve as an integral part of their business team on many levels.

I’ve spent the majority of my career in the fields of marketing and design and also had the opportunity to expand my knowledge and experience into sales, operations and management. I witnessed the many different challenges business owners face and played a critical role in finding solutions.

One of my previous positions was Executive Account Manager for a technology company that specialized in web based products. I interacted with thousands of customers over the years. It was there that I discovered just how many business owners were getting ripped off by the people they contracted to help develop their presence online. Many of them expressed they did not feel they received a return on their investment with their website; mainly that their sites were not functional in a way that would contribute to their business’s success. That’s when I first had the idea to start a company of my own. I wanted to fill the obvious need for quality designers that were knowledgeable, reliable and able to provide each client with their desired outcome in both the design and performance of their website. I wanted to provide measurable results that would yield a return for their business.

During the years I worked for other companies, I completed several web projects on the side. Most of them were for business owners who had been abandoned by their designers or left with some kind of mess on their hands (and little to no budget). I took tremendous pride in getting the job done RIGHT for these clients. This eventually led to one referral after another after another. And thus, Dog Star was born. To this day, we remain a referral only company!

Dog Star has a proven track record for success in all aspects of online and internet based services. We are here to create every facet of your brand, web presence, and marketing materials. We’re here to solve problems. And we’re here to develop custom solutions that will help improve your day-to-day business operations.

I look forward to the opportunity to present all that Dog Star Web Solutions has to offer.

With much gratitude,

Debra Ferguson