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Web Design & <br> Development

42% of people will leave websites because of poor functionality

Web Design &

Your website is usually your first impression for potential customers. You have just a few seconds to earn their trust or, “CLICK”, they’re gone. User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are of the utmost importance for ensuring your website is converting visitors to customers. If not developed properly, your website will cost you revenue versus help generate it. With over 100 years combined experience, we build websites that function and perform. Period.

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Search Engine

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy and highly effective way to capture targeted leads organically. Google uses over 200 factors when determining how to rank a website. Dog Star has a proven track record of 1st page placement for our clients’ most sought after key terms. Quite often, organic search visitors have been our local clients’ #1 lead source! When combined with a positive reputation online, SEO will allow you to crush the competition and deliver customers to your virtual doorstep.

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Search Engine<br>Optimization

68% of online experiences begin with a search engine


PPC advertising traffic yields 50% more conversions than organic


When it comes to online marketing, pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is the fastest and most effective method to drive ready-to-buy consumers to your website. When you combine this with meticulously crafted landing pages, you’ll be rocking conversion rates! We thrive on watching your revenue increase and we really get off on dominating your competitors. Hey, don’t judge! Also, our ad management fees are performance-based, which means the better we do – the better you do. Who doesn’t love a WIN WIN partnership? 

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Data-driven strategies drive 5-8x as much ROI than without.

With numerous advertising options available, it’s crucial to identify the right ones to achieve your goals and maximize ROI. Dog Star keeps up with the ever-evolving online landscape to create a tailored marketing strategy for maximum results, evaluating all channels to determine what works best for your industry.



Make sure you're getting the most out of every marketing dollar.

We understand that connecting with buyers and streamlining internal processes are essential for businesses across all industries. At Dog Star, we conduct a comprehensive audit of your brand, marketing, and internal operations to pinpoint areas that generate revenue and those that cost you money.

CRM Integration

CRM Integration

The average ROI on CRM is $8.71 for each dollar spent.

Streamline your business with CRMs designed to automate sales, marketing, and customer service tasks through custom web forms, email campaigns, and more. Dog Star’s experts can help you implement and architect these powerful tools, allowing you to optimize your business processes and maximize efficiency.

Branding & Logos

Branding & Logos

You have .05 milliseconds to make an impression.

Your brand is the lasting impression customers have of your company, and it’s essential for creating loyal customers and referrals. If your business has grown and changed, your brand may need a makeover to accurately reflect your products or services. We create brands that connect with your audience and transform 1st time buyers into loyal fans for life.



Content with 1 list every 500 words receives 70% more traffic.

At Dog Star, we specialize in crafting engaging and SEO-optimized content that drives a direct response from your readers. Whether you need an entire website’s worth of content or quality blog posts to drive traffic, we have the expertise to manage projects of any size from PR to product descriptions, and any other writing needs your business may have.



93% of buyers read reviews online before buying a product. 

Setting the expectation for customer reviews is crucial for building a stellar online reputation from day one, which is why we build it into every step of your customer experience. If you need to turn things around and start providing exceptional service, we can help create experiences that your customers will rave about.

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100% Support


Dog Star Web offers a variety of hosting solutions tailored to your needs. We’ll configure your server based on performance requirements, traffic and resource demands. This ensures your site consistently performs as needed, providing your customers with a positive experience.


Hackers are one of DSW’s least favorite people. Without proper security and monitoring in place, hackers will look for loopholes that allow them access and use up valuable server resources. We offer malware scanning software that runs every 6 hours. If any other type of hack is detected we are notified immediately to address the issue and reduce risk. We keep your visitors safe at all times.


Regular maintenance for hosting are crucial for any company’s online presence. Without proper maintenance, servers and websites can become vulnerable to security threats, glitches, and crashes that can ultimately damage a company’s reputation and customer trust. Backups also provide a safety net in case of any unforeseen disasters, such as hardware failures or cyber-attacks.

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