We don’t just build websites, we build businesses.

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We Don’t Just Build Websites, We Build

Why Choose Us?

Allow DSW to act as your guiding light through the intricate and often intimidating world of digital marketing, design and technology. We have over 85 years of combined experience with a focus on consulting, web development and proven marketing solutions. Our team is also extremely qualified in multiple fields surrounding business management in the digital age. This unique skill set provides us with a “total picture vision” that allows us to act as a full service company, customizing the best solutions for your business and simplifying the entire process of any project, from start to finish.

We are not just a marketing and design firm. We are a business solution powerhouse that drastically reduces your risks when looking for the most qualified candidates for your project. There are plenty of companies for hire that will use your budget to execute tasks without fully comprehending the most viable solution for your business. Many of them lack the vision and insight to foresee possible risks and challenges down the road. This means your investment might not be built on a solid foundation which is essential to ROI and longevity.


Your website is usually your first impression for potential customers. You have just a few seconds to earn their trust or, CLICK, they’re gone. User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are of the utmost importance for ensuring your website is converting visitors to customers. If not developed properly, your website will cost you revenue versus help generate it. With over 20 years  experience in design, development, and technology, we build websites that function and perform. Period. 


SEO is a long-term marketing strategy and highly effective way to capture targeted leads organically. Google uses over 200 factors when determining how to rank a website. Dog Star has a proven track record of 1st page placement for our clients’ most sought after key terms. Quite often, organic search visitors have been our local clients’ #1 lead source! When combined with a positive reputation online, SEO will allow you to crush the competition and deliver customers to your virtual doorstep.


With so many advertising options available today, it’s important to know the RIGHT ones for achieving your goals and maximizing your ROI. The continuous and rapid evolution of technology means the ways to reach your target audience online are ever-evolving. Acquiring leads with maximum ROI is our JAM. We’ll evaluate all channels to determine what’s best for you. We’re data-driven, passionate (and competitive) so it fills us with joy to accomplish our mission of helping you outrank and outsell your competitors. 

We Simplify the Process…

If you’re starting a new business and looking for professional guidance on everything from corporate branding, site design and SEO – we’re here to help. Or perhaps your business is growing and you need to redesign your site and infrastructure to accommodate CRM integration and automated marketing – we will make the process a breeze!

And if there’s any part of your project that falls outside of the services we provide, we will source a reputable and cost effective partner to join our team so you don’t have to worry. We promise a seamless experience. We’ll take care of the tedious details and do the heavy lifting, leaving you to worry about whatever it is that requires your attention daily. 

We  what we do and we do it with a great deal of precision and passion

Our Team of Ridiculously
Talented People

Dog Star Web Solutions would not be possible without a very special team  that possesses a multitude of super powers.

Founder / Business Accelerator

Debra has been building websites since the year 2000 and has lived and breathed all things digital ever since. She has a driving passion to help business owners dominate their space, on or off the web.


Programming Overlord

Cristian LOVES open source software and WordPress. He’s definitely the web geek you want on your team. With his keen attention to detail, his WP sites are super fast and secure!


Web Slayer

Ashley has travelled the world and uses his experiences to draw inspiration for his creativity. He loves to keep ahead of the curve on trends, and stays on top of what's hot in the market.


Advertising Alchemist

Tree has been advertising online since its inception and is part of a rare breed of Conversion Rate Optimization specialists. There’s no effin’ around with him. He’s the Yoda of the digital world.


Time Clock

When it comes to creating a balanced work life, Dax plays a crucial role in letting Debra know it's time to break. Whether she's sitting on keyboards or demanding scritches, her determination is unwavering.


Assistant Angel

As a highly efficient multi-tasking assistant, Amy is pretty much responsible for keeping Debra sane. Truly an Angel on Earth, Amy also dedicates her life to rescuing sick and homeless kitties. She’s the best!

Complementary Solutions 

Dog Star Web offers a variety of services and business solutions that complement our primary project types.

Sales and marketing automation is all the rage! Infusionsoft is the top rated CRM available to businesses today but there are other options depending on your industry. These softwares allow you to automate everything from sales and marketing to customer service by creating custom email campaigns for each. This is a powerful tool for anyone looking to STREAMLINE their business and effective when implemented by the experts!


Dog Star Web offers a variety of hosting solutions tailored to your needs. We base our decisions on performance requirements, traffic and resource demands to ensure your site consistently performs as needed, providing your customers with the best possible user experience. All of hosting accounts include complimentary SSL certificates, ensuring visitors feel confident they are interacting with a secure website when browsing.


With software and technologies ever evolving, web site maintenance and software updates are mandatory.  In addition to maintenance, security is a top priority. Hackers are one of our least favorite groups of people. Without proper security and monitoring in place, they’ll exploit loopholes and use up valuable server resources. We offer 24-7 monitoring to safeguard your investment, along with proper maintenance and back ups.

The Lowdown…

  • “Going digital for the first time in our business was daunting, but with Dog Star, it turned into an awesome adventure we did not anticipate. Deb had both a cutting-edge knowledge base when I threw her a couple custom curveballs with respect to functionality, and a patient, guiding hand when there were so many things that we were not versed in. She is intuitive, precise, and discerning, with a true passion for helping you stand out above the rest. We were consistently impressed with how thorough and prompt she was – above and beyond. She consistently exceeded our expectations, raised ours in the process, and I cannot tell you how thrilled we are with our stunning success of a website and online scheduling system. Deb and her team went above and beyond for us with their resourcefulness, creativity, honesty and professionalism. From image/branding, to website development and design, to consulting, CRM, hosting and marketing, Dog Star is that one-stop proficient shop you’ve been looking for. You’ll be both delighted and impressed!”

    Courtney and Jordon Berry, Owners, Myo Partners LLC
  • “Working with Debra has been wonderful, from the first phone consultation to regular website maintenance and general questions. Debra and her team have been super helpful and accommodating in every way possible, helping me take my website from something that did nothing for my business to something that I am very proud to share. It actually shows the web what my business is and does and it has been getting me new leads!!! Yay!! Debra is always a pleasure to work with, very knowledgeable and will get you the answer fast if she doesn’t have it already. Her and her team are easy to get a hold of, very little wait time to get a response. Her team is very knowledgeable as well and, together, they build kick ass websites that actually work for your business. I would highly recommend Dog Star to any business that wants a professional team backing them and a professional website that works for you. I give them a 5 star all the way…. THANK YOU!!”

    Luke Malo, Owner/Founder, VanWorx

    “Debra is an awesome human who over delivers. I was unhappy with my website prior to Dog Star’s redesign because it did not convey the level of professionalism I wanted. Debra provided me with an extensive branding questionnaire that helped me with the vision I had for my business and personal brand. We worked closely together to achieve the right look and feel as well as deliver the right messages via the website content. I now feel confident referring other professionals to my website and am always receiving complements! It’s changed my business. I highly recommend Dog Star Web Solutions if you’re looking for a company that is thorough and thoughtful with every detail.”

    MARILEE TANGEN, Owner/Founder, Legacy Music Foundation
  • “The fear in searching for the right fit, when bringing a new group into our business, was overwhelming. How can they possibly identify or understand our business? NO ONE CAN COMPREHEND WHAT NEEDS DONE UNLESS THEY ARE IN OUR BUSINESS!! These are the thoughts I had while trying to select someone to help with our new website and keep things user friendly. I have been proven wrong. Debra and her team pulled the ideas from my mind and made them a reality. Dog Star has put together something better than I could have ever imagined. I believe the website will set a new “bar” in our industry and will be a beacon, for all other developers, to seek guidance from. It was not just ideas I needed. I needed to make this come together in a very short “off season” time frame. Dog Star separated the tasks that needed to be done, kept workloads organized, and showed us multiple ideas on how to achieve our look. Debra pushed me when I needed to be and took over workload when I did not have the time. Dog Star will always be part of OUR TEAM. Thank You Dog Star!!!!”

  • “Our website and social media platforms were not portraying the offerings and image we wanted. We had evolved into a larger and more complex company with increased offerings. We needed a marketing firm that would take concrete steps with smart digital and web solutions, solving our brand and image challenges at once. After interviewing many media groups, we were introduced to Dog Star Web Solutions through a referral. Since then, we have developed the type of inter-personal relationship with Dog Star, where they work side by side with us, always delivering a message and product which resonates with our various demographic groups. A real partner providing results towards the ongoing success of our business.”

  • “Deb is a tireless professional who is not only a perfectionist but someone who will truly go above and beyond for you. I went to being the first search result in Google when tattooing was searched in my state, and my site hasn’t moved from the first three positions in over 3 years. I went from roughly 30 hits per month to nearly 2000 per month, the results have spoken for themselves.”

    Brando, Tattoo Artist
  • “I want to thank you on a job well done with my site. I can honestly say I’ve never worked with someone as thorough as you, who was able to draw out the information needed in order to give me a site that represents the professionalism I envisioned. I love my site and my clients are expressing how great it looks. I cannot thank you enough.”

    Elizabeth Trevino, Owner – Skin Frenzy
  • “I can’t say enough about the level of satisfaction I have from working with Debra. She was great to work with – prompt, professional, creative, honest and thorough. I couldn’t be happier about the site she built for the business and feel it reflects our concept and properties in the way I had hoped and beyond!!”

    Mindy Miller, Co-Founder – Telluride Condo Rental Management
  • “Debra has a wealth of knowledge and experience in so many areas that help our business. Combine that with her work ethic and it’s no surprise why I would not rely on anyone else. She goes above and beyond with every task she takes on. The result is always better than expected. It’s that simple.”

  • “Debra was very easy to work with and brought some really good ideas and interpretations of what we were looking for in our new website. She was punctual, listened to what we had to say and had vast knowledge of current trends and what type of site we wanted to create and project to potential clients. I would recommended Debra and her team to anyone who is looking for a functional website and some out of the box ideas that can separate your site from the rest!”

    Drew Nelson, Owner/Designer, EEC
  • “I had wanted to make substantial architectural changes to our corporate website for a long time but had delayed repeatedly because of worry about picking the right web designer. An associate who had worked with Debra Ferguson gave me some glowing feedback about work she and Dog Star had done for him, and that prompted me finally to take the plunge. Just as I had hoped, Debra and her team were extremely knowledgeable, sharp, and competent to diagnose and to make recommendations. They proved immediately to be “cutting edge” in grasp of current applications and solutions. The follow through was just as impressive, the pricing was very reasonable, and we received everything we had sought to achieve. It was great to have that kind of experience with such a major technical project, and I would not only recommend Dog Star to others, but will surely be using them again myself for future projects.”

    Jon W Brisby, Pastor – Church of God Eternal
  • “Working with Dog Star Web Solutions has been a delight. Debra and her team are nothing short of extraordinary.  Very professional and easy to work with. I had a loose plan about how I wanted my site to look and how it would function so there was a lot of room for creativity which Debra brought to the table by ten fold. I will definitely work with them in the future and I encourage anyone reading this to do the same.”

    Noah Shepherd, recording artist and music producer, Hado
  • “I just wanted to let you know how happy all of us at Jim Brown & Sons Roofing Co Inc. are with the consulting and web design services you have provided for us. Your service from start to finish has been exemplary and on a professional, knowledgeable, yet friendly level that far exceeds all other companies we have dealt with in the past.”

    Valorie Miller, VP – JBS Roofing
  • “She is professional and dedicated to creating the best possible website for your business. What makes her stand out from other web designers is that she honestly cares about helping to make you/your business successful. Her hard work and ability to go above and beyond to make your website the best it can possibly be is just one of her many strengths.”

    Corrie Zazzera, Owner – CZ Music
  • “I have had the pleasure of working with Debra for several years. She has been professional, insightful and decisive. She launched us into the 22nd century with her skillful knowledge of the inner workings of the web. I will continue to trust her ability and insight as I move forward with other business interests and endeavors.”

    Dr. Nicholas Meyer, DDS,DNM
  • “When a small business has challenges it needs someone who is responsive, talented and thoughtful in their approach. Add in having a network to call on so you get a bigger team focused on your solution and you have Dog Star Web. Deb has been key to getting us through several situations and new product launches… add Dog Star Web to your team for peace of mind!”

    Jim Dryburgh, Owner, Balanced Worklife
  • “Debra and Dog Star Web Solutions helped our company with the redevelopment of our website and bringing it up to date. She set forth the priorities that we needed to develop, including color format, viable SEO text and worked closely with us to achieve these results. She listened to our concerns and was able to tap into her network to help us with the photography. She was not afraid to tell us what we needed to change…a refreshing and welcomed point of view. She is an expert in her field and we are extremely pleased with our website. Two weeks after our website was live we received a “viable” lead and turned it into a sale. Our B to B sales involve a clear customer profile and this sale was right on target. Debra currently manages our website on a monthly basis. We have peace of mind knowing that Debra has our best interests in mind. ”

    Kim Cooper, Co-Owner, Desert Fleet-Serv
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